Monday, June 15, 2009

Last night at softball practice I got hit 3 times. We were doing stations. One station was hitting off a girls pitches instead of coach pitches. The second station was bunting with a pitching machine. That's the first time I got hit. The softball was going down the middle and then it started coming toward me. Then it hit me in the arm. I would have moved but, I wasn't expecting it. The second time I got hit was when a girl was pitching to me. She was really fast and she pitches hard too. So it hurt even more! It hit me in the stomach. The third time I got hit I was playing first. She threw the ball to me and it hit me in the shin. By the time practice was over I felt beaten up!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Basketball Camp

Last week I went to basketball camp. We call it Big Blue, because the High Schools basketball team is called Blue Devils. Coach E is the high schools girls basketball coach. Each group had a leader. The leader would be one of the high schools girls basketball players. Or the middle schools girls basketball players that are going into high school. My leader was A. She is from Armurchee High, but Coach E asked her to work Big Blue. First, we would go to stations. That took about 24 minutes. Then when you ended back up to your own leader, you would go to another gym according to your age. When you got there, you would shoot 10 free throws and make as many as you can. Then you would do Hot Shots. Hot Shots are where you shoot from a little circle and see how many points you can make. Last, you would play a couple of basketball games. Then you would go back to the high school gym. Then you would leave. I loved Big Blue Camp!!!!